Philocrites : Liberal Religion 1.18.03

I have preached to congregations in Utah and Massachusetts and at the Unitarian Universalist Association General Assembly in Indianapolis. Selected excerpts from a few of my sermons appear on this page.

Seen and unseen

The church, too, is a stage, and often its members and its leaders are more worried about their "fronts," what is visible to other people, than about what is going on inside them. 7.31.02

A hand on your shoulder

Fate is not the only force in history; we also possess an inner freedom, a creative soul, that enables us to greet and build the reign of God even now, if we would only see it. 3.16.02

The irony of faith

Faith requires accountability to tradition, but it also requires accountability to lived experience. To live with this kind of faith is to live in a kind of dynamic tension. 1.27.02


Jesus often calls us to the work of neighborliness. But Christianity has, over its 2,000 years, often failed to live this neighborly calling. 8.1.01

Divine interruptions

Advent combines two kinds of surprises: the expected story of Christmas and the unexpected story of God's future interruptions. 11.29.98

In the spirit of Jesus

What if Jesus had chosen not to go to Jerusalem? Or if James Reeb had chosen not to go to Selma? What if faith were safe? 4.8.01


What holds your bones together? When you are in a dry and weary land where there is no water, when your flesh faints and you thirst, where will you turn? 3.21.99

A critical faith

The story may say 'happy are they who never saw and yet have found faith,' but I think everybody knows what it's like to be Doubting Thomas. 4.19.98

God's lovers

We don't use metaphors because we're trying to be clever. We use metaphors to stretch language until it spills over and conveys transcendence. 2.14.99

At sea

I too am in the middle of the lake, rowing for all I'm worth, and the wind is blowing. 8.4.99

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